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At the very beginning , Jiu Guang Department was found for the people in Baoshan ,making kids go to school much more conveniently when the kids are about to go to school in the proper age .The school had children study just near and around their home.Children would be safer that way if the school is just nearby your home.
Years later,students and civilians started moving out from baoshan to other cities ,in that the students in Jiu Guang have been gradually reducing until now.

Baoshan Junior High school Jiu Guang Department is located in Baoshan Township ,near the Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial Park.
There are 8 classes in the school,including the muti-media teaching class 、the computer laboratory and the science classroom. Yet, basketball playground、tennis playground 、library all can be found in the Jiu Guang Department for the best learning environment for our student.

Students in Jiu Guang may not get good grades as other schools’student,but we still raise a lot of kids who get to national high school or well paid and decent job after they were graduated.
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